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5 Steps Needed to Achieve your End-Goal

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A year has passed since my first post about running. I was filled with tremendous amount of enthusiasm.  I was going to train for the comrades, become super fit and lose weight.


Unfortunately,  I did not fulfill my goals.

My goal that I had a year ago became unrealistic.

I learned a lot in this year. I learned that a person can plan, but life sometimes gets in the way of achieving these plans.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Think of all your New Year’s resolutions that you were absolutely committed to accomplish. Only to fall short of your personal expectations very soon after the New Year.

You are all fired up to achieve your new goals and dreams that you committed to on the New Year. A week or two into the New Year and the fire has died a miserable and cold death.

This was me with my resolution to start up running as a new way of life. The problem for me was that my passion and interest burned too hot and too short.

I realize now that my mistake was that I took on a huge goal heads-on. I should have broken my goal into easy bite-size bites. In other words, I should have created mini-goals that would ultimately lead me to my main goal.

I wanted to run the comrades marathon this year, when I was starting from relatively nothing. No fitness training, no running and no endurance training.

Well, we can see how well I did reaching my goal.

I celebrated my birthday two months ago. It set me thinking. More than a year has passed since I decided on my goal. While I am on the road to healthier living, I am nowhere near to where I want to be.

And unfortunately, this is a common trend with big goals and resolutions. The energy that is there in the beginning burns up way too quickly. Click To Tweet
Going forward, how can I achieve my dream, my goal?

You know that awful feeling when life gets in the way of your goals. All your excitement and passion for your goals are pushed to the back-burner. Sometimes these interruptions in your journey to your goal are unavoidable. However, most of the time it’s because you haven’t put enough effort into making sure you are on track.

I know I am guilty of doing that.

I thought of all of this on my birthday. I didn’t want (and still don’t want) my goals top fade away forever. I even added another life-goal onto my dreams-list. This new goal is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. This is actually a future goal as I cannot go while my kids are young. To do it properly you need to stay on the mountain a couple weeks; way too long for me to leave them.

But that is a topic all on its own.

I decided that I needed a new strategy. I couldn’t have “burn-out” before I could even begin!

And I definitely want to run a Comrades Marathon race! I think next year will be too soon. (I base this on my experience this last year). But Comrades Marathon 2018, here I come!

So, how can I make my goal more achievable?

The answer can be so simple, and usable, in most situations. How so, you may ask.

When you break the goal down into steps or smaller goals, the main goal is more achievable. Click To Tweet

My main goal is to run the Comrades Marathon. That is a huge goal to achieve. I need to now break up this goal into smaller goals and steps that will carry me to the main goal of running this race.

5 Steps Needed to Get to Main Goal

  • Healthy Eating 

Say, what?

Yes! Healthy eating is a super important step into health and fitness! Exercise and endurance training is only half the battle. What you consume is the rest of the battle. (Mindset is also an important part of the battle. In fact, if you don’t have the right mindset, the battle will not be won.)

  • A Manageable Plan to Integrate a Run every other day in the week, Consistently

Running needs to be a habit. Consistency is key!

But how can it be done?


A running plan needs to be implemented. There are amazing apps and running sites dedicated to building these plans.

  • Small Goals to Build up to the Big Goal

This is very important to apply. In stead of having eyes only for the big goal, create smaller, achievable goals that will carry you closer to your big end-goal.

Practically, how is this possible?

Let’s take my goal of running the Comrades Marathon. The Comrades Marathon race is approximately 87km. This is an ultramarathon and needs a lot of training to conquer.

A normal marathon is approximately 43km. Then you get the 21km, the 15km, the 10km and finally the 5km races.

The best way going forward will be to train for each “level” at a time. To start with the 5km and build up to the ultramarathon, the end goal.

The lesson here is to see how your big goal can be broken down into smaller goals. Which would then, in turn, build the path to your big goal.

The plus of this method is that it boosts your self-confidence. You feel good about yourself after each mini-goal is achieved. You are in essence building your own avalanche of momentum. And that is AWESOME!!

  • Have a Support Group

This is one of the main keys to success! Everyone needs to be cheered on. Whether you are doing it alone or with buddies, it’s always important to have someone praise your efforts!

If you are doing it alone, join like-minded Facebook groups, or tell a friend or family member who will support you along the way.

And if it is a running goal you want to conquer, find a running club near you that you can join. And try talking a friend into joining with you.

It’s very easy to talk yourself out of running, or going to a gym session. However, if you know you are meeting up with someone to train with, the chances of you cancelling is very low.

  • Let your Goals be Visible

By making your goals visible, you are making them REAL.

  • Post your goals on social media

This can be your main goal, and the mini-goals you want to achieve along the way. Or you can post your mini-goals one at a time, as you conquer them.

  • Make a poster

Yes. Physically draw or create a document on the computer with your goals, and print it out. STICK IT ON YOUR FRIDGE OR ABOVE YOUR COMPUTER WHERE IT WILL BE VISIBLE.

  • Create a check-list

Every mini-goal needs something to happen, some effort on your part, in order for it to be achieved. Draw up a list of what is needed for the achievement of the mini-goal TO BE A REALITY.

In Conclusion

It is EXTREMELY satisfying to cross off what has been achieved. It gives you huge intensive to carry on to the next mini-goal.

What are YOUR goals? How do you plan on breaking it up into a series of mini-goals? Drop a comment below.



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