About me ;-)

Hi, my friend, and welcome to my site!

So you most probably have been surfing around the net reading and looking and watching interesting info about different themes and people.

I’m the same! I loooove learning new info and gaining more knowledge in different genres.

Personally, I’m trying to improve my fitness by doing some running during the week … though lately I haven’t managed to make many [read any] runs. Life has sort of taken over and I find that there is no time for anything….do you feel the same?

Anyways, I have lately been trying to break away from this. to increase the positive energy around me and my family.

One way I have found to increase the positive energy round us is to do a creative activity together with my kids. Our latest project, and it has been so much fun and I really recommend it, is soap making!!

Yes, my kids and I have started making our own soap.

And, more amazingly, the energies around us has become more positive. I can now feel a push to start running again……

Riv Montrose

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