A few months ago I visited my endocrinologist for the first time.

I have a history of diabetes in my family as well as a whole horde of my own issues (which I’ll write about another time). I wanted the endocrinologist to confirm or negate whether I have diabetes or any other endocrine diseases, and to give me her advice, etc .

My Running Start.
My Running Start.

Anyways, the conclusion was that I have Insulin Resistance, which is a step away from Pre-diabetes.

To top that I also have digestive disorder which pushes my insulin resistance closer to the fence which divides between this stage and Pre-diabetes.

She then took my weight, height and circumference measurements, as well as all the other measurements one gets at an endocrinologist. The result of these tests is that I need to lose weight and centermeters (inches) off my circumference. I also had to do cardio exercises that kept my heart rate at 150 consistently for 45 minutes, 4 times a WEEK!


Easier said than done!

As I mentioned at the beginning, there is a history of diabetes running in my family. My dad is one such sufferer. He is amazing. When he found out that he had it he was understandably upset. HOWEVER HE DIDN’T LET IT GET HIM DOWN. He changed his whole approach to life around. He went to a dietician, who is also an MD, who helped him with his eating plan.

At the same time as improving his eating plan my dad started on an intensive exercise regime. He was clever in this regime as he chose exercises which interest him. These are boxing training, cycling and classes at gym. And now running.

I, however, cannot balance on a bike, and I have no interest in cycling. I needed to find something that would Interest me for life.

I like walking. I have in fact done a few walking races. Hmm. What if I were to start running? I have a brother-in-law who is an amazing runner. He has done a few of the comrade’s marathons in the last few years.

Ok. Now I have a goal.

I want to run the¬†comrades marathon which will be in¬†31 May 2016. This is is a bit too ambitious for me, as it takes a long time to train one’s body for this. I have now settled my goal for the comrades marathon 2017. At least this run will be downhill from Pietermaritzburg to Duran.

This is all very nice in theory but how can I make this a practical aspect of my life?


I find that a person’s mindset is the first challenge to overcome. In my case I have to change my inherent ‘laziness’ to one of activeness.

I need to get into a state of mind where I NEED my daily running or gym exercises. Click To Tweet

This (changing my mindset) will take time but I am already on the right path.

I think that having people around you who are supportive is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
My brother-in-law is amazing. I just mentioned to him that I want to start running and he has chatted to me about different running topics. Among these topics is the correct footwear, running on the road, races, how to build into the run, etc.

Ok. Now to start!